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Still Images and Filming

We specialise in aerial photograph acquisition using unmanned aerial vehicle or drone. We provide a stunning aerial film and still images as an end product to the client.

Aerial Photogrammetry
Aerial photogrammetry is the science of obtaining the accurate geometric measurement using the single or multiple aerial photographs.
Aerial photogrammetry is most popular in civil engineering, land surveyor, architecture and land developement.
With the current technology and knowledge that we have, we can provide fast processing of the aerial image acquired by any drones to produce point cloud, orthophoto, surface and terrain modeling, contour and cross-section of the area.
The 3D modelling of the orthophoto and contour generated from digital terrain model is shown below. Click here to view 3D Model.

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Contour and cross sectional drawings generated upon completion of the point cloud processing is shown below.

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Non-Contact 3D Scanning
We also provide a non-contact 3D scanning services. This non-contact 3D scanning is an accurate and cost-effective way to collect physical data and translate it into 3D object or model. The output of the scanning allows engineer to study the scanned 3D model in details in front of the computer rather than going out to the site for a several time. The designated software will process the scanned data and convert it into a general format polygon mesh or CAD model for further processing.

Our collection of polygon mesh files can be found here.

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