General Definition About Aerial Imaging Acquisition and Processing

Aerial photogrammetry:

Aerial photogrammetry is the science of obtaining accurate geometric measurements using photographs taken from an aerial platform. It includes aerotriangulation, or block adjustment of multiple photographs using point of common detail normally derived from Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation and airborne Global Positioning System (GPS).

Aerotriangulated stereo images is the 3D base product from which a number of 2D and 3D products are derived.

Orthophotos are generated from overlapping vertical aerial photographs and processed to remove perspective and the effect of the terrain. Orthophotos are a fundamental base layer for Geographic Information System (GIS) databases.

Planimetric maps, point clouds, contours and features also can be generated from aerotriangulated aerial imagery.


Aerial acquisition:

Aerial acquisition is the process of planning and coordinating flying missions, maintaining and operating airborne sensors and ensuring that all data is collected and organised for further processing.


Aerial survey:

Aerial survey is a general term meaning the collection of information conducted from an airborne platform. Information can be collected from various remote-sensing sensors such as still and video cameras, thermal, multispectral and hyperspectral sensors, LiDAR and even by the best-known sensor i.e. our eyes.


Aerial photography:

Aerial photography is the action of taking photographs from an airborne platform such as aircraft, helicopter, kite, blimps or unmanned aerial vehicle. Vertical or oblique photographs can be captured depending on the application intended. In general, aerial photography is mainly used for visualisation and illustration purpose as measurements extracted are not accurate due to distortions.


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